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The Firm

SEGURA-RODRIGUEZ-SANTAMARIA I  ASSOCIATS was launched in 1967 in Rambla de Catalunya 54, Barcelona. Since 1989 and after several stages, partnerships and experiences, it was structured in its present configuration, being composed of three of the initial partners (who give the firm’s name) and a team of 10 professionals including Lawyers and Economists. Its main objective is to provide comprehensive consulting services to operating companies, individuals, and new business or wealth management projects, as well as providing bankruptcy law.

Since its inception, this professional firm has provided comprehensive consulting services to all types of companies (either legal, accounting, tax and business, or assisting the company in its daily management and in its future prospects), as well as providing viability advice to companies in crisis (bankruptcy proceedings, setting strategies to facilitate their turnaround and economic viability, and debt management), and advice to individuals, both, on their family relationships (separations and parenthood processes) with regard to third parties (study of all kinds of contracts, advice before financial institutions, breach of contract claims) and on the proper planning and use of their assets (real estate development operations, land re-zoning, urban development projects, wealth/lease administration and management) to ensure an increased overall profitability to our customers.

A key subject in this cabinet is – and has been – our constant concern for providing appropriate tax treatment to all the issues that our clients may have, given the increasing incidence of this matter in business and personal decisions.

Moreover, through alliances with other professional firms with which we are constantly collaborating, we offer advice on personnel management (medical discharges and leaves, payroll management, staff selection, redundancies and employment rationalizations), advice on insurances (contracting any type of insurance under the best economic conditions within the insurance sector and with the best coverage). 

With regard to what affects the firm internally; from the beginning its two main pillars have been to carefully select its professionals and provide a personalized customer care.

From the beginning, the firm and especially its founders have been very scrupulous about incorporating new professionals as members or partners of the firm. It is therefore not surprising to find professors or professionals with several business- or law-related university degrees among our members, and with an ongoing professional training.

The second pillar is to provide personalized and humane treatment, fully respecting data and information privacy. What usually is an aphorism for any professional bureau, has become the hallmark of this firm. It is hardly surprising, and we are proud of being able to boast about it, that a significant part of our customers are long-term costumers with over 20 year links with our office.